Our vision is to enable every local car operation in Europe to offer their mobility and service solutions to every type of customer.

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Our Products


Our marketplace allows car dealers and workshops to offer cars and services in Germany ( and Europe (

Online sales

Our digital sales channel creates a new market opportunity for car dealers, increasing the potential reach to target customers by up to 98%.


Our auction platform grants access to the European private used car market for all local car dealers without intermediaries.

Key Facts

Top-notch car trade platform since 2016

Around 175,000 new and used vehicles available

More than 31,000 vehicles available for direct online purchase

Over 100,000 vehicle evaluations from private sellers for auction per year

More than 10 million search queries per year

Management team

Top competencies in Automotive, Software, Banking,
Sales, and Marketing

CEO & Co-Founder:
Christopher Kallhoff

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Interim CFO & Founder:
Daniel Fratzscher

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CPO & Co-Founder:
Vladimir Sarikow

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CTO & Co-Founder:
Samuele Prati

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CMO & Co-Founder:
Dr. Laurenz Preusse

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Christopher Kallhoff
CEO & Co-Founder

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